Frequent questions

How to get there

The meeting point for boarding is at Doca de Alcântara, (also known as Doca do Espanhol). An element of our staff, properly identified, will be waiting for you.

  • By car, you can park in the paid outdoor park
  • By taxi or uber (destination: Doca de Alcântara)
  • By bicycle or scooter
  • By train on the Cais do Sodré – Cascais line, exit at Alcântara-Mar station (+7m walking)
  • By bus 712/728, exit at Alcântara-Mar stop (+7m walking)
  • By bus 201/720/732/736/760, exit at Alcântara-24deJulho stop (+12m walking)
  • By tram 15/18, exit at the Alcântara-24deJulho stop (+12m walking)

What to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes (thin heels not allowed)
  • Hat and sunglasses are recommended
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • A coat (in the end of the day at the river it can get cool but you can always shelter in our glass room)
  • Good mood (to enjoy the most)!

Note: It is not allowed to take food and drink on board.

What happens if there is not the minimum number of people for the tour to take place

In the ticket tours, 24h before the departure time of the tour, if the minimum number of people for the tour to take place is not assured, customers with a confirmed booking will be contacted and may choose between rescheduling or refund.

What happens if the weather is bad

In the ticket tours, if the weather does not allow the boat to leave safely or if the tour has to end early due to sudden deterioration of weather conditions (storm, wind or heavy rain – the decision is always up to the captain), we will offer the possibility to change the date or refund. In the group tours and events, the solution will be discussed with the client. It should be noted that the Go Mary is a large catamaran, very stable, safe and robust. The interior room offers conditions of great comfort in bad weather. You can get a weather forecast here.

After booking and paying, can I change

In the ticket tours, contact us and we will do everything to offer an alternative that is of your convenience. Up to 48 hours before departure time, we guarantee a full refund if you do not want to change / postpone.


In the group tours and events, the terms for changes and canceling will be pre-defined.

Is Go Mary suitable for children

No doubt! The youngest will love it, we suspect that they will spend most of their time in the front hammocks watching the water pass or on the flying bridge trying to see dolphins. In the summer, the diving stops are also popular with children. We have bar service if they are hungry or thirsty.

And for the elderly

Yes. The entrance platform is very wide and spacious, then there are just a few steps to go up to the ground level. If they don’t want to be exposed to the sun and wind outside, they can enjoy the tour in the large glass room with a 360º view, comfortably seated.

Can I take a pet abroad

We don’t allow pets on the boat, for their own safety and the comfort of the owners and other passengers.

Is there a bathroom on the boat

Yes. We have 3 bathrooms, equipped and comfortable.

Will I get seasick

It is unlikely. Go Mary is a large boat, weighing 25 tons. It is very robust and stable, with its two floats it always navigates straight and does not swing like other smaller boats. Anyway, if you are very sensitive, we recommend that you take a medication that is suitable for that purpose, before boarding.

What does the insurance cover

Go Mary has personal accident insurance for all customers up to 90 years old.